The 7 Most Annoying Habits of Food Allergy Parents

7. We Have No Sense Of Humor.

When it comes to the allergen that is. It is a rare allergy parent that can laugh at an allergy joke. It is OK to lighten the mood sometimes. We all know how serious the situation is. Occasionally, you can make a tasteful joke and laugh. It might help.

6.We Shop Slow.

When I say slow, I mean ridiculously slow. I stand in every aisle, reading every label. I am the slowest shopper in the world! I have read so many labels I know what xantham gum is… do you? It’s actually pretty cool, but I’m not sure if I like the fact that an industrial lubricant is a common ingredient in food now.

5. We Are Prone Tell You What Is Actually In Your Food.

See above. Not everyone wants to know that stuff.

4.We Might Attack You If You Try To Feed Our Kids

If our kids can talk, they usually know to say “No Thank You” or “I have to ask my Mom or Dad first”, but please be aware, we are right there watching you and we might launch ourselves across the room to stop you from giving our kids that cookie. I’m sorry if you’re 90-years-old, I might accidentally tackle you. My body tends to do these things before my brain can stop it.

3.We Panic If Our Kids Go To Someone Else’s House For A Play-date.

That would entail at least a half hour of training and educating them on food allergies and how to use the Epi-Pen. Of course I have to walk through their house to make sure food isn’t smeared all over their walls. I did warn them in advanced… Never mind, lets just do the play-date at our house.

2.We Would Be Considered OCD, except OCD  would indicate the danger isn’t real.

We are meticulous about what we see as danger. It really is around us and we have to take these steps to ensure safety. Unfortunately people thing we sometimes do take it to far. But how far would you go to make sure your kid doesn’t die because of a known and very real danger? We work with doctors to find the medically necessary precautions we need to take. If you think I’m going too far, I know a great allergist you can talk to.

1. We Talk About Food Allergies All The Time!

Seriously, I can’t go anywhere without talking about food allergies. I might as well tattoo it on my forehead in Neon.

What Would You Consider Your Most Annoying Habit?


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