Dairy-Free Creme Anglaise Recipe

Dairy-Free Creme Anglaise

Over Christmas I heard many of you wishing you could make some type of custard, but alas, every recipe you found required milk and the milk-substitutes just weren’t working. I have to admit that it was difficult making a recipe that works, but I think I did it! You will have to be the judge. […]

The 7 Most Annoying Habits of Food Allergy Parents

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7. We Have No Sense Of Humor. When it comes to the allergen that is. It is a rare allergy parent that can laugh at an allergy joke. It is OK to lighten the mood sometimes. We all know how serious the situation is. Occasionally, you can make a tasteful joke and laugh. It might […]

Pretending To Send Our Kids To Day Camp

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Like most parents, we were nervous sending our child off to Day Camp for the first time, but because of his food allergies we were even more so. In fact, we didn’t even “send” our son to camp. My husband and I registered as volunteers and we took the entire family and really had an […]