Egg-Free, Dairy-Free French Toast

Egg/Dairy-Free French Toast

Thank you for those of you who have contacted me wanting recipe variations. I love reading the history of why you love a dish and it is heartbreaking when you can’t eat it anymore. I found a recipe for Egg-Free french toast on and figured I could pass it along to you to try […]

Help Me Get To Food Allergy Bloggers Conference 2014


I have an incredible opportunity to learn about all the new and exciting things going on in the food allergy community. I received my registration for free, thanks to FAACT (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team), and am excited to see all the great presenters. I’m a sucker for an information binge, and I’m also […]

9 Things To Stop Doing As A Food Allergy Parent

School Trouble

1. Stop Treating Your Kids As If They Are Disabled I know that life threatening allergies are a hidden disability, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do what they love. It’s a wonderful thing to discover new and exciting ways to help our kids achieve their dreams. 2. Stop Sulking About What You Can’t Have […]