We have stepped outside our comfort zone

Woman and child holding bouquet of flowers

I admit it. I am a home-body. Sometimes, I like to stay home with my kids and do nothing. When we choose to do something, we do it with our whole heart, and our whole family. We ALL take our oldest son to scouts we ALL support each other in sports and we ALL refuse […]

Christmas is Coming, How Do You Stay Safe?

Christmas Heart

I really would like to know how you are being safe this Christmas. Comment below and give us your tips.  We don’t take chances. If food is questionable, it isn’t eaten. Every family needs to decide what their own comfort level is.  Our son has reacted to the tiniest amount of his allergen so we […]

Nights in the ER

A Brief Thought One of the main challenges we face in this community of food allergies, is that there is no way to “manage the disease”. Unlike most chronic diseases and disabilities, there is no constant nursing, monitoring, pain or anything else that would even show there is something there. Yet one exposure to an […]