The kids are taken care of! What about me?

Girl at College

Every time we walk out the door, we double-check; Epi-Pens- check, inhaler check. The kids are set… but what about Mom and Dad? American culture is often proud to gloat that we often neglect our needs because we are too busy doing everything for our kids. I try to let my kids learn self-sufficiency, but […]

The First Few Weeks Of School. What Happened?

Tell Your Story

No Fear! Walking into a new situation is always difficult because, as humans we fear the unknown. Every year, our kids go to a new teacher and a new classroom, where there are bigger expectations. There are endless questions and worries when a new year starts. Will the teachers understand how my son learns? Will […]

Egg-Free, Dairy-Free French Toast

Egg/Dairy-Free French Toast

Thank you for those of you who have contacted me wanting recipe variations. I love reading the history of why you love a dish and it is heartbreaking when you can’t eat it anymore. I found a recipe for Egg-Free french toast on and figured I could pass it along to you to try […]